Julie Greenhalgh
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House Energy Clearing & Blessings

Energy and Space Clearing for the house and office 
Sacred geometry is used in the design of sacred architecture and sacred art. The basic belief is that geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion are also found in music, light and cosmology.

I use the sacred geometry teachings from the Modern Mystery School in house clearing & space blessing ceremonies to clear the energetic blue print of the home or office to bring in a divine new energy.  

A room activation and clearing brings the energies of the Divine Geometries into a space for added protection and energetic support. Such an activation helps to clear the space of negativity, holds the energy in the room and lifts it to a higher vibration to bring in calm, clear, positive, revitalised and spiritual energy, thus enhancing the quality of our lives.

This is excellent for clearing negative energy from previous people living in the space or to clear negative energy from emotional situations such as trauma, depression, stress, divorce, sickness or the passing of a loved one. 

Energy clearing and space clearing along with activations bring a sense of peace and tranquillity into each room or building and is excellent to bring in positive energies into the work environment to help with success and abundance.  

Please call me for more information about how a house clearing can change and improve the energy of your home, your life and your well-being.
Make Your Home A More Comfortable Place To Live In
House Space and Energy Clearing is a wonderful way to clear your home of stagnant and unwanted negative energies. It is also excellent for clearing the energy of the previous home owners from your new home or to help you sell your home.

Crystal Gridding & Temple Activation
Your space can be blessed further with sacred geometry and ancient methods to build sacred temple energy as well as by gridding the home with crystals using Ancient Crystal Matrixes hailing from the age of the Mu.